Conference of the Society of Polish American Pre-Health Professionals

On August 23rd, Society of Polish American Pre-Health Professionals, a society of young Polish American professionals, considering pursuing post graduate studying and  their careers in health care associated fields, organized all day conference at the Polish Museum of America. Polish American Medical society was one of the main sponsors of this successful event and many of our members attended this conference providing their guidance and input, either through formal lectures or in informal mentoring sessions. Among many others, the following members attended: Drs: K.Krol, M.Siemionow, M.Rudnicki, J.Mazurek, A.Szpindor, A.Cios, J. Dlugopolski-Gach.

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The text below, courtesy of Andrzej Mikolajczyk




The “Lives in Medicine Conference” took place on Saturday, August 23, 2014 at the Polish Museum of America.  It was a full day conference with a number of interesting presentations and workshops. Approximately 60 students and aspiring healthcare professionals attended the conference.

The day included various seminars about the application process, a small group mentoring lunch with current students and health professionals, and a resource fair featuring a dozen medical organizations and institutions from around the Midwest.

The purpose of the Conference was to create an opportunities for aspiring students who are ready “to step into the life of a healthcare professional and strengthen their  current position in the increasingly competitive applicant pool”.

Chet Szerlag, Vice Chair for Finance and Director of Administrative Operations at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System gave a very insightful presentation “Healthcare: an Industry and It’s Professions in Transition”.  Szerlag presented many vital facts about the current changes in our healthcare system.  He discussed future trends and transitions in the health care system.  The Baby Boomer generation (1946-1963), currently the largest generation in the US, is reaching retirement age by the thousands every single day.  This will create an incredible need for additional health care services.

“What exactly does the life of a PA or DO/MD look like? What can I really expect from a career in healthcare? What healthcare profession fits me best?” These were some of the questions that students heard the answers to.  The advice that they received will help them clarify their individual paths to a life in medicine.

Dr. Kornelia Krol, President of the Polish American Medical Society in Chicago and a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist, gave a presentation titled “Considering Your Options Before Match”. Her talk included an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of studying medicine abroad.

Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski-Gach shared some personal experiences from her path to becoming a physician, including her service as a community volunteer and activist. She is a specialist in internal medicine and pediatrics at Loyola University Medical Center currently.

Dr. Anna Szpindor, former President of the Polish American Medical Society and currently a practicing allergist, shared some insights about mentoring. She was excited to see her daughter-Marysia Szpindor-Watson, a medical student, leading the Conference as a co-chair of the organizing committee.

The Society of Polish American Pre-Health Professionals (SPAPP), is dedicated to helping students learn about careers in healthcare and how to reach them. Their goal is “to entice, foster and support passion for medicine in young Polish Americans through mentorship, scholarship and opportunity”. By connecting current medical professionals with aspiring professionals, they hope to provide people interested in health careers with a better understanding of the profession that best fits with their genuine passions, interests and lives. Organizing the “Lives in Medicine” conference is one way they are working to achieve their goal.

Another purpose of the Conference was provide participants with an understanding of different paths to becoming a healthcare professional and to give them the opportunity to be mentored by current medical students, residents and professionals.

The Keynote Address during the Conference was presented by Dr. Maria Siemionow, MD/PhD, who is a renowned Polish-American surgeon. She shared some of the challenges that she faced and her experiences leading up to the first face transplant in the United States. She coordinated a team of two dozen medical experts during 22 hours of complex face transplant surgery. Her patient is currently alive and her life has been transformed by the surgery. She now feels more accepted by society and enjoys her life. Dr. Siemionow’s primary objective during the full face surgery was to help the patient regain the basic functions of her face.

There have only been several dozen face transplant surgeries in the world during the last two decades. The risks for such surgeries are very high. They require a team of experts and afterwards they require cooperative patients due to the lifetime requirement for immunosuppressive medication.

The conference was organized by Joanna P. Tomaszewski, research associate at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Marysia Szpindor-Watson, medical student, Lukasz Sewera, MD-PhD student, Patricia Jamrozowich, health systems management professional, Angelica Rusilowski, PA student, Martin Wrobel, medical student, Agata Turowski, health systems administration student and Agatha Kielczewski, publicity chair.  They truly deserve recognition. The conference was well organized, with presentations by renowned medical professionals from different medical institutions in the Chicago area and in the Midwest.

To learn more, visit their website at  or visit them on facebook at .

@ text by Andrew Mikolajczyk

XIX Annual Family Picnic

XIXth Annual Family Picnic of the Polish American Medical Society took place Sunday August 17th at beautiful“ Jack and Lidia Resort” also known as “Honorary Polish Village” in Lake Villa, IL, on the shores of Deep Lake in far north suburbs.

Jack and Lydia are also running a restaurant called “Reflexions“ which is part of this large recreational complex.

In spite of a long distance from Chicago, we had very good turnout , over 60 members with families and many devoted sympathizers…

The weather was sunny, the mood was exciting, and the location was great, but the people in attendance made our annual PAMS picnic a wonderful success!

The picnic was skillfully organized by Dr. Beata Danek (PAMS board member),

Both old and new faces made appearances at the picnic. We all reminisced about the good times, listened to great live music, provided by Dr.Tucci, Dr. Niekrasz and his charming wife Iwona Niekrasz, entertaining us with some smooth, yet up-beat jazz that screamed dance! If only there had been a dance floor, then the party might have lasted into the early morning!

We also feasted on delicious grilled polish food provided by the resort owners, and later cooked kielbasa by the fire pit.

Some of us mustered up the courage to take out one of the paddle boats on the lake, and then proceeded to bask in the sun, some swam, some played beach volleyball and there was a competition going on in beanie bags toss.

The relaxation and fun lasted well into the evening hours.

We are already planning for the next year, in the same place and can only hope that this enticing description of the picnic will attract more of you in the future.

Written by Drs. E. Worwag and E.Buch

Dr. Anna M. Wegierek Lecture at Chicago Jesuits Center

On Aug 3rd, 2014, at Chicago Jesuits Center, Dr. Anna M. Wegierek, PsyD, had interesting and important lecture on bullying, cyber-bullying, sex-ting, aggression, internet pedophiles etc. This was an open and free forum, well attended and well received and co-sponsored by Polish American Medical Society. The need for this type of information in our community is so great that Dr. Wegierek is already planning another lecture in November 2014. More information at:


XXIII Polonijne Mistrzostwa Lekarzy w Tenisie Ziemnym KS “Bronek” ZLP

16 sierpnia 2014 r. zakończyły się XXIII Polonijne Mistrzostwa Lekarzy w Tenisie Ziemnym, których organizatorem był honorowy prezes Związku Lekarzy Polskich w Chicago dr Bronisław Orawiec. Patronat nad turniejem sprawował Konsulat RP w Chicago z Zastępcą Konsula Generalnego Robertem Rusieckim na czele.

Turniej wśród mężczyzn, rozpoczęty grami singlowymi, odbył siê na pięknie odnowionych kortach tenisowych przy Wheeling High School, IL. Rozgrywki przeprowadzono systemem pucharowym. Meczom singlowym oraz finałowi gier pdwójnych towarzyszyła s³oneczna pogoda, średnią wilgotnością powietrza i temperaturą 86 F. Podczas pierwszego dnia gier podwójnych temperatura była nieco niższa (77 F).

W meczach eliminacyjnych panów zanotowano wiele emocjonujących gier. Warto wspomnieæ trzy setowy mecz pomiêdzy Markiem Rudnickim  a Piotrem Włodarczykiem o wejœcie do gier półfina³owych, który zakończył się wynikiem 6:4, 4:6, 6:1 dla Marka Rudnickiego, pojedynek Andrzeja Moniuszko z Romanem Marszałkiem (1:6, 6:1, 7:5 dla Andrzeja Moniuszko) oraz mecz o wejście do finału pomiędzy B. Orawcem a A. Moniuszko (6:3, 6:1 dla B. Orawca).

Po grach eliminacyjnych do półfinałów weszli: Bronisław Orawiec, Janusz Dańko, Andrzej Moniuszko oraz Marek Rudnicki. Drogę do finału otworzyli sobie Bronisław Orawiec oraz Janusz Dańko, który pokonał Marka Rudnickiego 7:5, 7:6 (tiebreak 7:4).

W meczu finałowym spotkali się Bronisław Orawiec z Januszem Dańko. Zwycięstwo przypadło Januszowi Dańko, który po raz trzeci w historii Mistrzostw, po bardzo dobrej grze, pokonał siedemnastokrotnego zwycięzcę Bronisława Orawca wynikiem 6:3 i 6:0. III lokatę wywalczył Andrzej Moniuszko a IV miejsce zajął Marek Rudnicki (wynik meczu 6:1, 6:4).

Wśród pań I miejsce zdobyła Halina Anioł, która wygrała z Mirosławą Kuder 6:2, 6:2. II lokatę zajęła Mirosława Kuder a III miejsce Beata Budziakowska (wynik meczu 6:3, 6:4 dla M. Kuder).

Mecze gier podwójnych miały równie¿ niezwykle interesujący przebieg, szczególnie mecz finałowy, który trwał przeszło dwie godziny. Zwycięstwo odniosła para Bronisław i Mieszko Orawiec, którzy pokonali parę Janusza Dańko i Sławomira Puszkarskiego w dwóch setach wynikiem 6:1, 6:4 oraz parê Andrzeja Moniuszko i Piotra Włodarczyka 6:1, 6:3. Drugie miejsce zajęli Janusz Dańko i Sławomir Puszkarski, a trzecią lokatę – Andrzej Moniuszko i Piotr Włodarczyk (6:3, 6:1). W grach podwójnych wyróżniał się debiutant Mistrzostw Mieszko Orawiec, który  zaprezentował bardzo silne, z dużą rotacją uderzenia zarówno forhendowe jak i backhendowe, mocne podania serwisowe oraz swietną grę przy siatce.

Najlepszymi sportowcami roku 2014 (narty plus tenis) wśród lekarek polonijnych została po raz ósmy Halina Anioł, a wśród lekarzy po raz dwudziesty drugi Bronisław Orawiec. Trofea dla sportowców roku zostaną wręczone zgodnie z dotychczasową tradycją podczas 65. Balu Lekarzy, który odbędzie się 31 stycznia 2015 r. w Hotelu  Ritz Carlton w Chicago.



  1. Grupa lekarzy-tenisistów przed turniejem. Korty tenisowe w Wheeling, IL. 3 sierpnia 2014 r.
  2. Najlepsi sportowcy wśród lekarzy polonijnych KS „Bronek” ZLP: Halina Anioł i Bronisław Orawiec w towarzystwie fotografa Wojciecha Łysińskiego (z prawej).
  3. Rakiety Klubu Sportowego „Bronek” ZLP w Chicago przed grami singlowymi. Od lewej: Andrzej Moniuszko, Janusz Dańko, Bronisław Orawiec, Halina Anioł, Piotr Włodarczyk, Roman Marszałek, Marek Rudnicki.
  4. Finaliści wśród panów. Od lewej Janusz Dańko (I), Bronisław Orawiec (II).
  5. Pary deblowe na kortach przy Wheeling High School, IL. Od lewej: Bronis³aw Orawiec, Mieszko Orawiec, Janusz Dańko, S³awomir Puszkarski, Piotr Włodarczyk, Andrzej Moniuszko. 13 sierpnia 2014 r.
  6. Zwycięskie pary deblowe. Od lewej: S³awomir Puszkarski i Janusz Dańko (II), Bronis³aw i  Mieszko Orawiec (I). Korty tenisowe w Wheeling, IL. 16 sierpnia 2014 r.

Foto: W. Łysiński, J. Fisher, B. Orawiec

2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

Scholarship Committee of The Polish American Medical Society in Chicago is proud to announce the PAMS 2014 Scholarship Winners:


Mark Dziuba
Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Michael Grzeskowiak 
Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University

Marek Hansdorfer 
Medical University of Warsaw

Daniel Michalik
Medical School of Wisconsin

Amy Renee Richmond
Indiana University School of Medicine

Ava Socik
Rush University, Medical College


Mateusz Wietecha
University of Illinois at Chicago

Anna Zborek
UIC College of Dentistry


Dagmara Lukaszek
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Julia Artymovych, M.D.
Dagmara Hausner, M.D.