2014 Scholarship Winners Announced

Scholarship Committee of The Polish American Medical Society in Chicago is proud to announce the PAMS 2014 Scholarship Winners:


Mark Dziuba
Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Michael Grzeskowiak 
Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University

Marek Hansdorfer 
Medical University of Warsaw

Daniel Michalik
Medical School of Wisconsin

Amy Renee Richmond
Indiana University School of Medicine

Ava Socik
Rush University, Medical College


Mateusz Wietecha
University of Illinois at Chicago

Anna Zborek
UIC College of Dentistry


Dagmara Lukaszek
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Julia Artymovych, M.D.
Dagmara Hausner, M.D.

XVIII Polish Physicians Alpine World Ski Championship

XVIII Polish Physicians Alpine World Ski Championships, sponsored in part by the Polish-American Medical Society in Chicago, took place on March 19, 2014 at the beautiful Campo Scuola in Italy. Championship was organized by Dr. Bronisław Orawiec from KS “Bronek”. You can read more about the championship in Polish in our Sekcja Sportowa or by visiting the following link.


The Polish-American Medical Society hosts the Quarterly Meeting at the Society for Arts in Chicago.

Polish-American Medical Society in Chicago hosted its Quarterly Meeting at the Society for Arts in Chicago on March 16, 2014.

Members of the Board of Directors presented the summary of the 2014 Physician’s Ball. Thirty members of PAMS attended the meeting. Treasurer Dr. Adam Cios presented the financial summary. President Dr. Kornelia Krol shared her experience and thanked everyone who made the Ball a successful event. Dr. Krol presented the progress on the continuous work of Board of Directors. The Board’s special interest centers around medical students of Polish descent – the society is dedicated to obtaining more information about students studying medicine in Poland. Dr. Rudnicki shared his experience on the topic and Dr. Lojewski talked about information concerning students in Poznan. The shared consensus revealed that students who study medicine in Poland and abroad experience difficulty in getting into residency programs throughout the United States.

Dr. Marian Olpinski made a next presentation talking about his aid efforts for people in Guatemala City and Beyond the Walls foundation. Dr. Olpinski thanked the PAMS for the support in raising $5,500 for building a house in Guatemalta; he shared pictures of the family and their finished house and asked for our continuous support. More information about the mission can be found at www.beyond –the-walls.org

After the official meeting, the dinner was served and the PAMS members watched a special screening of The Girl from the Wardrobe.

Next chance for the PAMS meeting will happen during the May 3rd Parade in downtown Chicago. The society extends a welcome invitation to all its members to participate in the parade which is an important event in the Polish-American community and it’s also a terrific moment to represent our society as an active organization.

Written by Dr. Evelina Worwag, PAMS Secretary
Signed by Dr. Kornelia Krol, PAMS President