The Polish-American Medical Society (PAMS) was established in 1946 in order to facilitate social and professional relations, as well as improve and promote the status of the Polish physician émigré community in the United States. The Society organizes numerous fundraisers for charitable causes, including the annual Physicians’ Ball to raise scholarship funds for medical students of Polish descent. We invite you to visit us frequently for updates on our activities and upcoming events.

Kornelia Król, M.D.
President, Polish-American Medical Society in Chicago

Prezes, Zwiazek Lekarzy Polskich w Chicago

PAMS Annual Family Picnic

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On Sunday, August 16th, 2015, PAMS members and their families gathered together for our annual Family Picnic, organized by doctors Beata Danek and Katarzyna Kusz. Festivities took place at the Jack & Lydia Resort, in Lake Villa, Illinois. There was a record attendance of over 100 people hanging around until dark, enjoying beautiful weather in beautiful surroundings, and taking so much needed time off from our busy professional lives.

Music was courtesy of the band, Second Opinion, staffed by our PAMS doctors, Dr Tucci and Dr Niekrasz, and it made our time even more special. There was dancing, there was wine, and there was yummy polish food, made by our hosts – Jack & Lydia. Their welcoming, warm attitude made this event very laid back and relaxing.

Some of us played beach volleyball, while others enjoyed pedal boats on Deep Lake, which is attached to the resort. Others were having fun mingling and goofing around with old and new friends.

We also had a moment of silence in memory of our beloved friend, Ewa Buch, who suddenly passed away recently. We all gathered together to take a group photo with smiling faces in honor of Ewa’s everlasting smile, positive attitude, and tremendous contribution to our society.

Later, there was a bonfire and singing along with guitar and accordion tunes. There was dancing, even on the table, by some of our brave members, including our president, Dr. Kornelia Krol.

Overall, it was another very successful gathering. We had several new members join us for the picnic, helping us to continue to grow stronger to make a difference and support each other.

XXIV Polish Physician Tennis Tournament


Drogie Koleżanki,

Drodzy Koledzy,

Dear Colleagues,

Uprzejmie informuję i zapraszam na XXIV Polonijne Mistrzostwa Lekarzy w Tenisie Ziemnym, które odbędą się w dniach 23, 26, 29, 30 sierpnia oraz 2, 5 i 6 września 2015 r. na kortach tenisowych przy Wheeling High School (podobnie jak w latach ubiegłych).

I would like to inform you as well as invite you to the XXIV PAMS Tennis Tournament that will take place on the 23, 26, 29, and 30 of August and the 2, 5, and 6 of September, 2015 at the Wheeling High School Tennis Courts (in the same location as last year).

Registration and start: Aug. 23, 2015 (Sunday), 1:00 PM

Match days: 23, 26, 29, 30 of Aug. and 2, 5, 6 Sept.

Patronage: The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago

Entry Fee: 45$



Bronisław Orawiec, MD

Tel. 773-594-1515

Cell: 847-507-6848

E-mail: drorawiec@yahoo.com

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.03.02

R.I.P Ewa Kiljańska-Buch, MD

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It is with immense sadness and love that everyone in the Polish-American Medical Society in Chicago is saying good-bye to a special person – a great friend, colleague and Member of the Board of the Polish-American Medical Society, Dr. Ewa Kiljańska-Buch.

Dr. Buch was a graduate of Warsaw Medical Academy and of the Anesthesiology Residency at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. Specializing in pediatric anesthesiology, she was a greatly respected Attending Physician at the Condell Hospital in Libertyville, Illinois, for over forty years until her recent retirement. She was known in the Polish émigré community in the Chicago area as a generous, fun-loving friend, excellent physician and avid traveler. She and her husband Roman Buch were wonderful hosts to many picnics and gatherings at their Libertyville estate, as well as favorite guests as participants of other events – warm-hearted and full of joie de vivre. At the Polish-American Medical Society, for over thirty years, Ewa’s enthusiasm and involvement with organizing numerous events were a shining example of dedication to our common goal.

Ewa’s passing creates an enormous void in the work of the Polish-American Medical Society and leaves all her friends with a heavy sense of grief. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family in this time of mourning. The memory of Ewa Buch will always live in our hearts.


Serdecznie zapraszamy na doroczny PIKNIK RODZINNY Zwąizku Lekarzy Polskich, który odbędzie się  w niedziele 16-go sierpnia od 12:00-5:00.

We would kindly like to invite you to our yearly PAMS family picnic that will take place on sunday August 16th from 12:00-5:00.

Jack & Lydia’s Resort,

38610 N. Edgewood St, Lake Villa, Il


W programie – in the program:

  • Pieczony świniak – roasted pig
  • Hulanki i swawole – fun and games
  • Jezioro-łowienie ryb, pływanie, kajakilake, fishing, swimming, kayaking
  • Zabawy dla dzieci  Games for kids
  • Dobra Muzyka – Good music
  • Siatkówka – Volleyball

A co najważniejsze – spotkanie z przyjaciółmi

And most importantly – meeting with friends

RSVP – bdanekmd@hotmail.com do 8/14/2015

Summary of 6/28 PAMS scholarship Quarterly Meeting

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The time has come to give with PRIDE and JOY!

Each year, during the month of June, PAMS distributes scholarships to young and promising future physicians of Polish decent from the Chicago area. Thanks to the immense success of our charity Physician’s Ball, which took place this past February, PAMS was able to increase the number of recipients from 11 to 15!

On June 28th, 2015 Dr. Radwanska (The Director of the PAMS Scholarship Committee) distributed 2015 scholarship diplomas and checks; a total of $15.000 in scholarships was awarded. Scholarships were also funded by the Dr. Rytel and Dr. Cebulski Funds, as well as by Alan Krashesky – the MC of this year’s Physician’s ball, who donated his honorarium to PAMS educational funds.

The Dr. Rytel scholarship went to Michael Grzeskowiak, a student at Loyola University. This was Michael’s second time receiving this award. The Dr. Cebulski scholarship went to another second-time recipient: Daniel Michalik.

The Krashesky awards were given to four pre-medical graduates for their outstanding achievements: Emil Klosowiak (for innovation), Aleksandra Rojek (research), Joanna Tomaszewska (leadership), and Iwona Zajkowski (community service).

The remaining PAMS scholarships were awarded to Kamil Cieply (Lublin), Zuzanna Cieszkowska (Wroclaw), Magdalena Harasimowicz (Loyola) , Adrianna Janowicz (Des Moins), Jan Morawski (Poznan), Patryk Osak (Indianapolis), Ewa Socik (Rush), and Lukasz Zborek (Krakow).

This year’s meeting was attended by over 100 PAMS members and their guests who came to congratulate our awardees and also to listen to Dr. Król’s report on the growth and achievements of PAMS. Over the past two years, Dr. Król has tirelessly been representing Chicago Polish physicians, in both Chicago and Poland.

The evening was concluded with a presentation on professional insurance by MedMal Direct, who also sponsered the refreshments.

Bravo Dr. Król for organizing and hosting another successful PAMS event that beautifully presented the Polish American Medical Society and its charitable endeavors. We hope that the younger generations of physicians and students will follow in our footsteps!

Written by:

Evelina Worwag, MD, Secretary

PAMS at Poznań Medical University 2015 Graduation Ceremony

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President Kornelia Król, MD was an honorary guest at Poznań University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) this May. During her stay, Dr. Król spoke to PUMS students on the residency application process in the United States, visited many of Pozań’s new academic structures, and was asked to be the official commencement speaker for the graduating class of 2015.

On May 30th, Dr. Król presented her speech titled “Considering your options before the MATCH” at an event organized by the North American Student Government (NASG). The event was held at the PUMS library and was attended by some of this year’s PAMS Scholarship recipients: Marc Dziuba from Glenview, IL and Jan Morawski from Milwaukee, WI.

Two days later, during the PUMS 2015 Graduation Ceremony, Dr. Król eloquently emphasized the immense responsibility associated with the title Medical Doctor and inspired the graduating class to be positive leaders amongst future colleagues. This year, 47 students graduated from the 4-year MD program, 59 students from the 6-year MD program, 36 students from the DDS program, 6 students from the Pharmacy program, and 10 students from the Physical Therapy program. The graduating class represented 17 different countries and spoke 16 different languages. Fourty-six were citizens of the United States, and 16 from Canada. The ceremony was also attended by Vice-President Prof. Grzegorz Oszkinis, M.D., Ph.D., Dean of Medical Faculty I Prof. Ryszard Marciniak, M.D., Ph.D., Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Lucjusz Zaprutko, M.Sc., Ph.D., Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Włodzimierz Samborski, M.D., Ph.D., as well as Vice-Deans of respective faculties and Associate Deans of the Center of Medical Education in English.

After the ceremony, Dr. Król met with the heads of the university to discuss the fate of PUMS graduates returning to the United States. Professor Oszkinis proudly shared PUMS’ new approach to helping students tackle the USMLE exams. Currently, PUMS provides a full Kaplan prep course as well as NBME exams (USMLE-like exams) for all of the core subjects. These additions to the standard curriculum have significantly improved pass rates.

Dr. Król concluded her stay by visiting some of PUMS’ main structures. She saw the Didactic Center, the ‘Karolek’ student dorms, The Medical Biology Center, and The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at the University Hospital of Medical Sciences. She also visited the new Alzheimer’s Rehabilitation Center founded by our very own, honorary PAMS member, Professor Jadwiga Roguska. This impressive project was funded entirely by the Roguska-Kyts Foundation.

Written by:

Marta Worwag, MD


Second Annual Guatemala City Fundraiser

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On June 6th, 2015, George and Slava Swiderski hosted the 2nd Annual Guatemala City Fundraiser at their residence in Palatine, IL. Dr. Marian Olpinski, a pediatrician and member of PAMS, and his wife, Barbara, organized this wonderful charity mission to build homes for impoverished families.

The event was attended by PUMS members: Dr. Ewa Radwanska, Dr,Maria Siemionow, Dr. Kornelia Krol, Dr Jagoda Samulak, Dr. Malgorzarta Paterek and Drs. Lastowiecki. Donations were made directly or by purchasing lottery tickets. PAMS strongly supports this cause and has been regularly donating to the Beyond the Walls Foundation for the past 3 years.

During the fundraiser, Dr. Olpinski shared photos from last year’s mission trip. Thanks to our contributions, a family of 8 now shares a safe home in Guatemala City.

PAMS would like to sincerely thank Dr. Olpinski and Barbara for organizing these trips and fighting for this beautiful cause.

International Medical Conference “History of Medicine in Vilnius” 

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25th Anniversary of Polish Medical Society in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania, September 18-20, 2015

On the 11th of May of this year, the Polish Medical Association of Lithuania (PMSL) celebrated its 25th anniversary. In honor of this occasion, PMSL and the Federation of Polish Medical Organizations Abroad organized an International Medical Conference, “History of Medicine in Vilnius,” on the days of September 18-20th. The organizational committee was headed by PMSL President, Dr. Daniel Lipski, Vice-president, Dr. Barbara Komarovska, President of the Federation of Polish Medical Organizations Abroad, Dr. Marek Rudnicki, and Vice-president of the Federation, Dr.Bronisława Siwicka.

The conference was attended by academic faculty members from several Medical Universities in Poland and Lithuania, medical doctors, and dentists, members of the Federation of Polish Medical Organizations, as well as medical historians from numerous countries, amounting to a total of 140 participants. Of these participants, 80 were from Poland, 8 from Germany, 1 from England, 5 from Belarus, 2 from Sweden, 1 from Denmark, 5 from Moldova, and 8 from the USA. Our Polish American Medical Society in Chicago was represented by President Dr. Kornelia Krol, Dr. Joanna Rudnicka, Dr. Marek Rudnicki, Dr.Jozef Mazurek, Dr. Adam Cios, Dr Alicja Lisak and Dr. Grażyna Orawiec.

The inauguration ceremony was honored by a beautiful musical performance by Ewelina Saszenko and Zbigniew Lewicki.

The topics for the two days of lectures revolved around the history of medicine in Vilnius and the presentation of distinguished researchers from various time periods associated with the University of Stefan Batory in Vilnius. Of great interest, was the lecture presented by Dr. Dariusz Zybort, “Doctors at the Vilnius Rossa – in memoriam.” To this day, the gravesites of many accomplished professors and doctors from the University can still be found at the historic Rossa cemetery, founded in 1769 in Vilnius. The Polish Medical Association in Lithuania is undertaking the restoration and preservation of historically valuable gravestones of doctors at the Rossa cemetery in order to preserve their legacy, as well as to prevent the destruction of a landmark so important to Polish history.

The organizers of the event put forth great effort into guaranteeing the participants other attractions outside of the many interesting lectures. For example, many participants attended a wonderful banquet and, most importantly, a tour of the beautiful capitol of Lithuania. Numerous city tours with guides speaking both Polish and English enabled the participants to admire the city and see its historical treasures.

Vilnius has been a city on the crossroads of cultures. Over the years, it has been claimed by Lithuanians, Poles, Russians and Jews alike. In 1994, the Old Town of Vilnius-with its unique architectural mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism- was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three and a half square kilometers in size, it is the largest old town in all of Eastern Europe. The old town’s treasures include over 20 Eastern Baroque-style churches. The narrow, cobblestone streets may seem quiet at first, yet you only have to step inside any of the tiny cafes or shops of the old town to experience the unique spirit of the city. One of the defining characteristics of the city is Uzupis, a district often referred to as the Montmarte of Vilnius, where many artists, actors, intellectuals and students reside. On All Fools Day 1997, the independent Republic of Uzupis was declared, the republic even wrote a constitution, comprised of 41 articles pronouncing, among other things, a dog’s right to be a dog, and man’s right – but not obligation – to die.”

The conference “History of Medicine in Vilnius” provided its participants with an understanding of the foundation and operation of the Polish Medical Society in Lithuania. We learned that the organization was called into existence in response to a real need for bringing organized medical care to Polish inhabitants of Vilnius and the surrounding areas during that time. Today, the 115 members of the organization take part in charitable work aimed at increasing and maintaining the general health of the Polish population, including promoting health education through Polish language newspapers and radio shows. After regaining independence in 1991, and joining the European Union in 2004, as well as the opening of various forms of cooperation with Poland, the situation in Lithuania has allowed for a favorable environment for youth of Polish descent seeking medical education. The PMSL activities include the organizing of medical school preparatory courses. Of the 105 students who have taken the courses, thus far, over 90% have been admitted to universities. Thanks to friendly Polish-Lithuanian relations at the national level, Polish medical doctors in Lithuania have opportunities to raise their professional qualifications, as well as take part in work placements and conferences.

Friends from the PMSL, congratulations on 25 years of fine work and thank you for organizing such a wonderful conference!

Written by: Alicja Lisak, MD

Kornelia Krol, M.D

PAMS President





Polish Constitution Day Parade

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Thousands of spectators came downtown to watch the Polish Constitution day parade. The weather was perfect, and the participants were prepared to impress with their painted faces, ethnic costumes, polish music, and energetic demonstration of Polish pride.

The day started at 9 am with the raising of the polish flag on the Daley Plaza. Many highly rank Chicago officials were in attendance. Red and white colors took over Dearborn Street as members of Polonia’s many organizations, schools and clubs proudly demonstrated their patriotism. Over 30 members climbed onto our float and proudly represented PAMS. Spectators pleasantly welcomed us with energetic cheers and applause. Some of us even had a chance to meet the parade’s Marshall: the legendary Duke Coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

After the parade, a group of physicians walked over to Chopin Park near the intersection of Michigan and 11th Street and enjoyed a wonderful reenactment of the signing of the polish constitution. Chopin Park has officially been dedicated to the polish American community of Chicago and will be home to a replica of the Chopin statue located in Łazienki Park, Warsaw, Poland.

The day concluded with a visit to the Polish Consulate (invited guests only). Consul Paulina Kapuścinka organized this evening’s celebration of Polonia, which has become an official Polish holiday established by Polish government. Mrs. Kapuścinska presented awards to distinguished Polonia activists including our own Dr. Marek Rudnicki, who received Odznakę Honorową Rzecznika Praw Obywateldkich za zasługi dla ochrony praw człowieka. Barbara Cooper, a friend of PAMS and auxiliary member, was awarded with the Krzyż Kawalerski Orderu Zasługi RP.

The cherry on top of this emotional evening was an extremely talented coloratura soprano, Ms. Marlena Dzis, who delightfully presented and elegantly sang many classic Polish songs by Chopin and Moniuszko.

I am sincerely grateful to the PAMS members who joined us on this memorable day.

Evelina Worwag, M.D.

Secretary of PAMS

XXIV Polonijne Mistrzostwa Lekarzy w Narciarstwie Alpejskim KS „Bronek”, Wilmot Mt. Wisconsin

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Foto: W. Łysiński, B. Orawiec

W niedzielę 15 lutego 2015 r. na stoku Wilmot Mt. w stanie Wisconsin zostały rozegrane XXIV Polonijne Mistrzostwa Lekarzy w Narciarstwie Alpejskim. Honorowy patronat nad Mistrzostwami sprawował Konsulat Generalny Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Chicago z Panem Konsulem Robertem Rusieckim na czele. Imprezę zorganizował honorowy prezes Związku Lekarzy Polskich w Chicago dr Bronisław Orawiec.

Wśród pań zwyciężyła Halina Anioł, drugą lokatę zajęła Beata Budziakowska.

W kategorii starszej panów triumfował Bronisław Orawiec, II miejsce zdobył Marek Rudnicki, III lokatę zajął Henryk Roztoczyński. W grupie młodszej panów zwyciężył Paweł Poncza, II miejsce zdobył Andrzej Gacek, III – Jerzy Fisher, a na IV pozycji uplasował się Robert Budziakowski.

Należy wspomnieć, że najlepszą sportsmenką w roku 2014 wśród pań po raz dziewiąty została dr Halina Anioł, a wśród panów po raz dwudziesty drugi – dr Bronisław Orawiec. Puchary dla sportowców roku zgodnie z wieloletnią tradycją Klubu zostały wręczone na 65. Balu Lekarzy, który odbył się w Hotelu Ritz Carlton 31 stycznia 2015 r.

Bezpośrednio po zawodach miało miejsce uroczyste zakończenie Mistrzostw w Iron Kettle Banquet Facility. Prowadzący imprezę dr Orawiec powitał wszystkich zawodników, rodziny i sympatyków Klubu, gorąco podziękował Konsulatowi RP za wieloletni patronat nad zawodami, a także przedstawicielom z Midwest Vein Clinic za sponsorowanie imprezy. Złożył gratulacje zwycięzcom i życzenia dalszych sukcesów sportowych oraz wszelkiej pomyślności w życiu wszystkim uczestnikom Mistrzostw.

Okazałe trofea w postaci pucharów i medali najlepszym zawodnikom w poszczególnych grupach oraz Puchary Przechodnie Klubu Sportowego “Bronek” ZLP wręczył organizator wspólnie z dr. Haliną Anioł oraz dr. Piotrem Brukaszem.


Honoring Prof. Maria Siemionow at the Consulate General of RP in Chicago

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On April 2nd, one of PAMS’ honorary members, Dr. Maria Siemionow, was invited to the Polish Consulate in Chicago by the Consul General Paulina Kapuścinska.  Several other PAMS members attended the event and participated in interesting discussions about Dr Siemionow’s work, her achievements and the importance of Polish medical professionals in United States. In attendance were PAMS doctors Marek Rudnicki, Ewa Radwanska , Andrzej Jakubowiak, Marek Niekrasz, Jack Czarlinski, Wojtek Lysinski and Kornelia Krol.

The event was broadcasted by the Polish media and was also attended by local academic and medical professionals.

Professor Maria Siemionow is a renowned Polish surgeon who, in 2009, led a team of surgeons to perform first face transplant in US at the Cleveland Clinic.  Last year Dr. Siemionow transferred to Chicago and is a faculty member at the University of Illinois.  She is involved in many scientific research projects and sponsors young scientists from Poland and the US.  Two fellow-physicians from Poznan currently working in her lab also attended the event.

Written by:

Kornelia Król
President of PAMS

Join us during the Polish Constitutional Day Parade!

You are cordially invited to participate in the Polish Constitutional Day Parade in Chicago, which will take place on Saturday May 2nd 2015.  This year, the parade will start at 11:30am on Dearborn Street, will move down from Lake Street to VanBuren St, and will conclude around 2pm.  This is the 124th time that Chicago’s Polonia will proudly walk in celebration of the 1st official democratic constitution in Europe and 2nd worldwide.

Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w paradzie 3 Majowej, która w tym roku odbędzie się 2 Maja. Tym razem parada przejdzie ulicą Dearborn (pomiędzy Lake i VanBuren) w godzinach 11:30-14:00. Jak co roku, uczestniczenie w celebrowaniu pierwszej w Europie, a drugiej na świecie, demokratycznej konstytucji łaczy się z demonstracją śiły Polonii na terenie Chicago.

The marshal of the parade is the legendary Mike Krzyżewski a.k.a. “coach K”.  He is the revered basketball coach of Duke University whose team won this year’s NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Championship in Indianapolis!!  Coach K has over 1,000 wins under his belt. You can read more about him and his success at CoachK.com.

W tym roku marszałkiem parady został wybrany legendarny Mike Krzyżewski (Coach K) znany wielu miłosnikom koszykówki, trener reprezentacyjnej drużyny Duke University, który ma na swoim koncie 1001 wygranych, łącznie z dużym sukcesem wygrania pierwszego miejsca w NCAA DI Championship 6ego kwietnia, 2015!! Więcej można poczytać o Coach K na stronie CoachK.com

The vice marshals will be our colleagues Dr. Fred Leya and Dr. Jan Jaworski. Please bring your families and join the Polish American Medical Society on it’s beautifully decorated float this May 2nd.

Vice marszałkami są nasi koledzy Dr. Fred Leya i Dr. Jan Jaworski. PAMS wynajmuje obszerny rydwan, który pomieści dużą grupę lekarzy i ich rodziny.

This year’s parade slogan is: “Kocham Polskę, i Ty ją kochaj”. For more information about the parade, please visit May3Parade.org.

Haslo parady: KOCHAM POLSKĘ I TY JĄ KOCHAJ. Więcj informacji na temat parady można znaleść na stronie May3Parade.org.


Janusz Danko D.V.M and Evelina Worwag M.D

The Organizing Committee

Komitet Organizacyjny

Route Map and Staging Area

Route Map and Staging Area

Podsumowanie XIX Światowych Mistrzostw Lekarzy Polonijnych w Narciarstwie Alpejskim KS “Bronek”


Serdecznie dziękuję Państwu za udział w XIX Światowych Mistrzostwach Lekarzy Polonijnych w Naciarstwie Alpejskim, które odbyły się 18 marca 2015 r. w Alpach austriackich na stoku Heuberg Arena. Uważam, że zawody były na wysokim poziomie zarówno sportowym, jak również towarzyskim. Dostarczyły wszystkim moc sportowych emocji i atrakcji. Były chwilą niepowtarzalną w naszym życiu.

Mam nadzieję, że za rok znowu spotkamy się w uroczych Alpach.

Gorąco zapraszam wszystkich na Jubileuszowe XX Światowe Mistrzostwa Lekarzy Polonijnych w Narciarstwie Alpejskim w roku 2016.

Najlepsze życzenia sukcesów i satysfakcji z pracy zawodowej oraz dużo zdrowia i wszelkiej pomyślności w życiu osobistym.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

Z poważaniem,

Bronislaw Orawiec, MD, PhD



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Kleinwalsertal, Alpy Austriackie

XIX Światowe Mistrzostwa Lekarzy Polonijnych w Narciarstwie Alpejskim KS “Bronek”

18 marca 2015 roku na stoku Heuberg Arena w Alpach Austriackich odbyły się XIX Światowe Mistrzostwa Lekarzy Polonijnych w Narciarstwie Alpejskim. Mistrzostwa zorganizował prezes KS „Bronek”, honorowy prezes Związku Lekarzy Polskich w Chicago dr Bronisław Orawiec. Bazę hotelową zimowiska przygotowali wiceprezes Kongresu Polonii Niemieckiej, były długoletni prezes Polskiego Towarzystwa Medycznego w Niemczech dr Zbigniew Kostecki oraz p. Gabriela i Wiesław Jabłoński z biura turystycznego Jawa-Reisen.

Zimowisku sprzyjała niepowtarzalna zimowa sceneria alpejska oraz piękna, słoneczna aura. Podczas Mistrzostw na stoku Heuberg Arena (1550 m) były wyśmienite warunki śniegowe. Stok narciarski i bramki do slalomu giganta przygotowa³a szko³a narciarska Skischule Bodmen-Grund, a ustawili je dyrektor szkółki narciarskiej Egon Haller oraz instruktor narciarski p. Manfred Kogler. Do koñcowej punktacji liczono sumê dwóch najlepszych z trzech przejazdów. W zimowisku uczestniczyły 223 osoby z 12 państw: Austrii, Danii, Kanady, Iranu, Holandii, Niemiec, Norwegii, Polski, Szwajcarii, Szwecji, Stanów Zjednoczonych oraz Włoch. W zawodach startowało 46 narciarzy.

Patronat nad zawodami sprawowały: Naczelna Rada Lekarska (NRL) w Warszawie, Okręgowa Izba Lekarska (OIL) w Krakowie, Federacja Polonijnych Organizacji Medycznych (FPOM), Polskie Towarzystwo Medyczne (PTM) w Niemczech oraz Związek Lekarzy Polskich (ZLP) w Chicago.

Skład Komisji Sędziowskiej: Danuta Kostecka (przewodnicząca, Niemcy), Egon Haller (dyrektor szko³y narciarskiej Skischule Bodmen-Grund, Austria), Barbara Gniatkowska, Bożena Lukoschek, Irena Weder (Niemcy). Zapisy na zawody prowadzili członkowie Komisji Sędziowskiej, którym pomagały: Alicja Blaschyk, Anna Jarocka (Niemcy), Barbara Opala (Polska), Teresa Spychalska-Mauritsch (Niemcy), Bronisław Orawiec (organizator Mistrzostw, USA).

Wśród dzieci I miejsce zdobył Julian Poloński. W grupie lekarskiej pań powyżej 65 r.ż. najlepszą okazała się Barbara Opala (Polska), II miejsce zajê³a Kazimiera Wiśniewska, a III – Ewa Maria Maciejewski (obydwie z Niemiec). W grupie 40-65 lat I miejsce zdobyła Mariola Jabłoński, II – Jolanta Sęk (Polska), III – Beata Miłosz-Ceryn (Polska). W grupie poniżej 40 r.ż. I miejsce zajęła Gabriela Gulak (Polska).

Wśród lekarzy grupy powyżej 70 r.ż. zwyciężył Piotr Kluzik, II miejsce zdobył Zygmunt Kahl (obydwaj aktualnie instruktorzy narciarscy), a III pozycję – Anton Blaschyk (wszyscy z Niemiec). W grupie lekarzy (60-70 r.ż.) tryumfował Bronisław Orawiec (USA), który również uzyskał najlepszy czas dnia oraz łączny czas dwóch przejazdów. Na drugim miejscu uplasował się Lech Poloński (Polska), a na trzecim – Marek Rudnicki (USA). W grupie 50-60 lat I miejsce wywalczył Bohdan Fugiel, II miejsce zajął Zbigniew Jabłoński (obydwaj z Niemiec), III – Leszek Badacz (Polska). W grupie poniżej 50 r.ż. I miejsce zdobył Michał Malinowski (Niemcy), II – Rafał Badacz, a III – Grzegorz Ceryn (obydwaj z Polski).

W klasyfikacji generalnej lekarzy z uwzględnieniem wieku wg przelicznika FIS I miejsce wywalczył Piotr Kluzik (Niemcy), II miejsce zdobył szesnastokrotny zwycięzca Bronisław Orawiec (USA), a III – Zygmunt Kahl (Niemcy).

W konkurencji drużynowej I miejsce zdobyli Bronisław Orawiec i Marek Rudnicki (USA), II miejsce – Piotr Kluzik i Zygmunt Kahl (Niemcy), a III – Lech Poloński i Gabriela Gulak (Polska).

W grupie rodzin i sympatyków wśród pań grupy starszej zwyciężyła Maria Kowollik przed Lilą Leiber (obydwie z Niemiec), natomiast w grupie młodszej I miejsce zdobyła Agata Mercik przed Ireną Mercik-Rhein (obydwie z Niemiec). Wśród panów grupy starszej I miejsce zajął Christian Kowollik (Niemcy), II – Zbigniew Sęk (Polska), a III – Jacek Gniatkowski (Niemcy). W grupie młodszej I miejsce zajął Marek Kêkuś (Polska).

Sponsorzy Mistrzostw: dr Maciej Hamankiewicz – prezes NRL (Warszawa), dr Jacek Tętnowski – przewodniczący Komisji ds. Kultury, Sportu i Rekreacji NRL oraz OIL (Kraków), prof. Andrzej Matyja – prezes OIL (Kraków) i dr Jerzy Kękuś – dyrektor NZOZ „Medicina” (Kraków), prof. Grzegorz Opala – Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Neurologii Wieku Podeszłego (Katowice), prof. Marek Rudnicki – prezes FPOM (Chicago), prof. Lech Poloñski – Polska Grupa Medyczna im. Polonii Œwiata (Zabrze), dr Bogdan Mi³ek – prezes KPN i PTM (Niemcy), dr Jan Gniadek z żoną dr Barbarą Gniadek – dyrektorzy NZOZ „Twoje Zdrowie” (Katowice) oraz dr Bronisław Orawiec – Cardiology (Chicago).

Uroczyste zakończenie Mistrzostw odbyło się w hotelu Aparthotel w Kleinwalsertal. Imprezę prowadził dr Bronisław Orawiec, który podsumowując program sportowy zimowiska, podkreślił korzystny wpływ sportu na zdrowie fizyczne i psychiczne uczestników. Dr Orawiec gorąco podziękował organizacjom za wieloletni patronat nad Mistrzostwami, sponsorom za ufundowanie pięknych trofeów, a Komisji Sędziowskiej za pomoc w sprawnym przeprowadzeniu zawodów. Uczestnikom Mistrzostw złożył gratulacje i życzenia dalszych sukcesów sportowych. Zapalonym kibicom podziękował za wspaniały doping, natomiast uczestnikom zimowiska za stworzenie serdecznej, rodzinnej atmosfery.

Dr Ewa-Maria Maciejewski wygłosiła wiersz, w którym podkreśliła atmosferę pełną przyjemnych i zabawnych sytuacji w czasie zimowiska. W trakcie ceremonii wręczania trofeów głos zabrali: prof. Grzegorz Opala, prof. Marek Rudnicki, dr Zbigniew Kostecki, dr Bogdan Miłek, dr Jerzy Kękuś, dr Leszek Badacz, dr Zbigniew Górski oraz p. Wiesław Jabłoński.

Dyplomy, puchary, medale oraz nagrody i upominki zwycięzcom (trzy pierwsze miejsca w poszczególnych grupach) wręczali: dr Danuta Kostecka, dr Leszek Badacz, dr Jan Gniadek, dr Jerzy Kękuś, dr Bogdan Mi³ek, prof. Grzegorz Opala, prof. Lech Poloñski, prof. Marek Rudnicki oraz dr Bronisław Orawiec. Wszyscy uczestnicy Mistrzostw otrzymali dyplomy. W sumie wręczono 30 medali, 42 puchary oraz 120 dyplomów. Sponsorom oraz członkom Komisji Sędziowskiej wręczono pamiątkowe medale, dyplomy oraz plakaty. Najlepsi wykładowcy konferencji naukowej otrzymali puchary ufundowane przez dr. Jerzego Kękusia. Dr B. Orawiec wręczył także organizatorom zimowiska i konferencji naukowej książki pt. „XX-lecie Klubu Sportowego ‘Bronek’ ZLP w Chicago”oraz ostatnie wydanie czasopisma „Prestiż”, w którym m.in. znajduje się artykuł dot. działalności społecznej Mistrza Loży Podhalańskiej Bractwa Kawalerów Spiżowych (BKS) sub una campana – dr. B. Orawca.

Warto podkreślić, że piękne medale z sylwetką narciarza upamiętniające XIX Światowe Mistrzostwa Lekarzy Polonijnych w Narciarstwie Alpejskim zostały wyprodukowane specjalnie na Mistrzostwa w mennicy w Krakowie.

B. Orawiec

Summary of the Roy’s Restaurant PAMS Quarterly Meeting

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The first PAMS quarterly meeting of the year 2015 took place at Roy’s Restaurant in downtown Chicago.

The meeting was organized by our members and chaired by the President, Dr. K. Krol.  24 PAMS members were in attendance.

The event was sponsored by the Wealth Planning Network, represented by President Michael Jankowski and vice-president Larry Gatz.

The representatives of the Wealth Planning Network talked about creating sound financial plans for medical professionals, as well as retirement and estate-planning strategies.

Dr. Krol introduced a new member of PAMS: Dr. Kathy Tynus.  Dr. Tynus is also the President-Elect of the Chicago Medical Society, and she talked about the benefits of a CMS membership and future cooperation between the organizations.

A short summary of our 65th Physicians Ball was presented. The event turned out to be a great success and generated a lot of positive feedback. Over 500 guests attended. We were honored by the presence of the Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner.

Our organization participated this year in many community events. On January 12, 2015, Dr. Krol was invited to the Governor Inauguration Ceremony in Springfield, Illinois. PAMS was one of the few Polonia organizations from Chicago invited to this event.

On March 2, 2015, Dr. Krol participated in the Pulaski Day Celebration at the Polish Museum of America.

PAMS was a co-sponsor of the 68th Annual  Midwest Clinical Conference organized by the Chicago Medical Society on March 13 and 14, 2015. This 2-day CME meeting was attended by Dr. E. Radwanska, Dr. Szpindor and Dr. K. Krol.

We also discussed the upcoming events for members of PAMS. Everybody was invited to take part in the Polish Constitution Day Parade on May 2, 2015.

After the official part of the meeting everybody enjoyed a delicious Hawaiian-style dinner.

Written by:

Dr. Kornelia Krol

President of the PAMS