Welcome to the Polish-American Medical Society in Chicago,

The PAMS was established in 1946 in order to facilitate social and professional relations, as well as improve and promote the status of the Polish physician émigré community in the United States. The Society organizes numerous fundraisers for charitable causes, including the annual Physicians’ Ball to raise scholarship funds for medical students of Polish descent. We invite you to visit us frequently for updates on our activities and upcoming events.

Marek Rudnicki M.D.
President, Polish-American Medical Society in Chicago

Former Presidents of the PAMS in chronological order:

Boleslaw Zietak, MD (founder)

Aleksander Rytel, MD

Wladyslaw Cebulski, MD

Barbara Roniker, MD

Józef Mazurek, MD

Marek Gawrysz, MD

Anna Szpindor-Watson, MD

Bronisalaw Orawiec, MD

Józef Mazurek, MD

Kornelia Krol, MD