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Impressive!!! – the only word that comes to mind to describe the PAMS quarterly meeting organized and sponsored by the Polish-American Transplant Center at the University of Chicago on September 27th, 2015.

The recently built Center for Care and Discovery at the University of Chicago deliverers exactly what the name implies. World class surgeons and scientists develop and treat patients for whom there are not many options left in conventional medicine. A great example is the Pancreatic Islets transplant, developed by one of our own, Dr. Piotr Witkowski. The transplant prevents patients from developing diabetes after complete removal of the pancreas.

After a brief introduction, Dr. David Song, vice chair of the department of surgery, introduced us to the concept of “surgery as a contact sport”. The concept entails physicians from different specialties brainstorming together, sometimes just while in the locker room, on how to solve a difficult surgical puzzle. Dr. Song talked about using makorobots for orthopedic surgery, also about minimally invasive spinal surgery via small tubular ports that avoid debilitating incisions, and filming surgeries with a go-pro and then reviewing the “game tape”. He also talked about a major advancement in the ENT field: a cochlear implant for deaf infants to prevent developmental delay or atrophy of the brain. The 40 PAMS members who attended the meeting were given a tour of the new patient rooms. The rooms resemble a five star hotel! Some even include a beautiful view of down town Chicago.

Next, Dr. Piotr Witkowski presented the Polish-American transplant team consisting of: Dr. Piotr Witkowski, Dr. Andrzej Jakubowiak, pre-transplant coordinator Patrycja Ulijaszyk-Noga RN,  post-transplant coordinator Józefa Sutor, RN and physician liaison Agata Turowski.

Dr. Krol later informed us of the Board Election date change to March 6th, 2016. The decision was influenced by the closeness of the Physician Ball and the magnitude of work the new board would be faced with if elected in November.

Dr. Rudnicki then talked about the recent visit of 7 of our members to Wilno for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of their medical society. The event was excellently organized, pleasant and very educational. Dr. Rudnicki also invited us to attend the Kongres Polonii Medycznej Świata which is being organized in Warsaw on June 2-5, 2016. He is in the process of negotiating an inaugural speech from president Duda! The main theme of the congress is:  profession. Of being the physician

We were privileged to be in the presence of Dr. Lukasz Nyk and his wife ANNA , our own fellow in University of Chicago urology department, who in two years will become the only urologist-oncologist in Poland trained in robotic surgery. The hard work of Dr. Radwańska and Dr Krol finally paid off. Congratulations ladies! The more-than-grateful Dr. Nyk called them “his angels” which Dr. Radwańska quickly translated into “Mama Kwoka” or Mother Duck.

Dr. Orawiec then shared the results of the 24th tennis PAMS competition and reported on the Doctors vs. Journalists match. For the first time in history the match ended with the tie of 5:5. Dr. Radwańska was asked to attend next years’ match to bring out the competitive spirit in our physicians.

Written By: Evelina Worwag, MD

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