CZŁOWIEK ROKU 2020. Prezes ZLP: Każdy może zostać lekarzem…

With great happiness and pride, we would like to share with you some great news. The Polish American Medical Society has been a recipient of the Organization (Person) of the Year Award by the Polish Daily News (Dziennik Związkowy).

Dziennik Związkowy is the largest Polish language newspaper in the United States. It was established in 1908 in Chicago as a branch of the Polish National Alliance. Considered the leading voice of Chicago’s Polonia, Dziennik Związkowy has been published from its founding until the present day, making it the oldest Polish language newspaper in the world printed without interruption.

The title of the Person of the Year has been awarded to numerous distinguished and respected individuals of the Polish community over the years.

The Polish American Medical Society would like to thank Dziennik Związkowy for such an honor and privilege. The award marks the appreciation of all the hard work we have done both during this pandemic of COVID19, in addition to our previous years efforts to advance our charitable, educational, and patriotic traditions.

Below, please find links to separate articles that highlighted recent weekend’s edition of Dziennik Związkowy. All published in POLISH.

List od Alicji Otap – Redaktor Naczelnej: Związek Lekarzy Polskich w Chicago z tytułem Człowieka Roku 2020 „Dziennika Związkowego”! Gratulujemy!

Historia PAMS: CZŁOWIEK ROKU 2020. Związek Lekarzy Polskich w pigułce

Wywiad: CZŁOWIEK ROKU 2020. Prezes ZLP: Każdy może zostać lekarzem…

Wywiad z Junior Board: CZŁOWIEK ROKU 2020. Junior PAMS: Łączy nas polskość


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