From the President

Since its inception, the Polish American Medical Society has been led by a number of honorable and distinguished Presidents. Their successes have made our Organization one of the most prestigious and recognized professional Societies, not only in the United States but also in Poland and the world. 

Today, I take the responsibility of directing the Polish American Medical Society in fulfilling its mission and purpose. We are medical professionals who have been shaped through their talents and knowledge to help others. We are always here for our patients and for each other.  

We are strong. Our newly elected Board of Directors is a group of our colleagues who take on the challenge of a pro bono work by devoting their time and effort for the achievement of success. They are world renowned specialists and activists.  I deeply appreciate their commitment and eagerness to support our common cause. 

The mission of the Polish American Medical Society has been to sponsor young adepts of medical profession and to bring help to our Polish Community. We would have not been able to fulfill our vocations without the continuous patronage of our sponsors. It is with my honor and deep respect to extend appreciation and gratitude to our benefactors and advocates. Your wholeheartedness and unwavering support make the lives of many easier and more meaningful. 

My dear colleagues, members, and supporters of the Polish American Medical Society. I would like to thank you for your encouragement, loyalty, and friendship. Your trust and enthusiasm bring me the strength to continue on the journey of building a stronger Polonia, mentoring the students and residents, bringing the helping hand to all those in need, and developing sodality between us in the United States and Poland, as well as all over the world. 

The Polish American Medical Society is committed to strongly support and cooperate with the Federation of Polish Medical Organizations Abroad. We advocate, encourage, and support all the efforts that bring Polonia together. Our strength is in our unity 

Our Society will be celebrating a few wonderful milestones. The festivities of the 75th Anniversary of the Polish American Medical Society and the 70th Anniversary of the Physicians’ Charitable Ball are fast approaching. They will be perfect occasions to meet and celebrate our friendship and alliance 

Respectfully yours, 

Peter Brukasz, MD


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